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May 23, 2010

Well a couple, I’ll start by telling you I grew a blunt taller by turning 18 this friday. Yes now I can do important things like go to war. Also I sent my camera out for repair this monday, monday the 24th, take some time to think about it. I gained respect for myself for not having a “skateboard” company, I’d regret it a lot. I know manshine is fucking awesome and everything and everyone looks at this but its like reading a drunks diary online. I am making new shirts and they will look a lot better than your girlfriend or whatever you treasure. Maybe your grandma’s ashes, seriously you won’t even think about her once you see these shirts, you’ll only think of pure regret because you just bought a shirt from a kid who won’t even graduate high school (I might). I do not stress out and thats a good thing because if I did I’d probably play xbox and not appreciate fun things like laying in the corner crack of my bed just enough to not fall in and pretend I am okay. enough you’re stupid and won’t understand it if you’re from North Haven. I’ve been skating a lot more lately, which means I am a lot better than you are because I can do good tricks and beat 13 year olds in games of skate, which I care about. I like to watch shows I don’t like and situations where I’d never be in, think about it, if you were at a place where you’d never want to be, don’t you feel good you’re not there? Where I wouldn’t want to be is in a warehouse sitting on boxes waiting for my mom to pick me up with a warm spit of water left. I believe one day birds will kill people, or become human like. If a bird gets smart enough to watch people take drugs and see how they enjoy them, don’t you think you’d do the same and do the drug? If there is a couple of crows watching a man, and if there’s a drug dealer with some really nice kush or haze, don’t you think the bird is going to score a half an ounce or something? They’ll get into it then bada bing, birds come out with LP’s with hummingbirds and beats and titmouses at their shows. Birds are smart look it up. I have no footage to give you, sorry guys. So just read this and hopefully you’re all waiting for my camera to get back so I can make a killer video and everyone dies because when I talk there is gunshots not coming from my mouth, my videos. And I love you, just kidding good luck with the drive by shooting that I have nothing to do with

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